Watervliet Civilian Personnel Advisory Center

Welcome to the CPAC electronic information resource for personnel issues. We invite you to use the many tools available on this website in making decisions in the fast changing human resources area.

The Civilian Personnel Advisory Center's (CPAC) goal is to provide accurate and timely advisory services in the administration of civilian personnel services. Our office is responsible for developing, promoting, and monitoring civilian personnel policies to meet the needs of management, supervisors, and the workforce and respresents the installation by putting information at your fingertips.

CPAC Director's Message

The Civilian Personnel Advisory Center Hompage is our communication tool to assist civilians and their leaders in providing civilian personnel support. The Civilian Personnel Advisory Center team is comprised of Human Resource professionals who are dedicated to acheiving our vision - being a proactive Human Resource Team dedicated to innovative customer service. As your installation advisors, we are committed to professionals, managers and employees. This Homepage has been designed for your use. It provides information and assistance on issues such as job opportunities, benefits, salary schedules, and training with links to other sites. Users will have easy access to other sources of information and guidance concerning civilian personnel and other information systems. We envision this Homepage to be a practical and timely source of information about human resource management for you, our customers.

Our goal is to provide you access to the information you need with this valuable tool.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you in the administration of your Civilian Personnel Program.

Our CPAC Mission

Recruit, develop, and sustain a professional civilian workforce through effective, efficient, and responsive Human Resources products and advisory services.