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Arsenal maintains critical international certification

Arsenal Commander Col. Lee H. Schiller Jr. observing a tube being moved that was just heated to 2,000 degrees and then put through a rotary forge.

The Watervliet Arsenal announced this week that it has been recertified to the ISO 9001:2008 International Quality Standard. This was the arsenal's sixth consecutive three-year certification since becoming the Army's first installation to achieve ISO recognition in 1998. (more)

The Arsenal Video

The Watervliet Arsenal's proud heritage and continued commitment to manufacturing excellence are what sets us apart and is part of making us the world reknowned cannon and mortar manufacturer.

Transcript available here!

Recent News

New mortar system lighten the load for Soldiers

Arsenal commander challenges American Legion to tell its story

Clas: The man who shaped Watervliet Arsenal

Watervliet Arsenal's apprenticeship: What a wonderful burden to have

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Watervliet Arsenal, Public-Private Partnership's Capabilities Deemed to be Ship-shape

Army awards Watervliet Arsenal $15M to upgrade Abrams tanks

Watervliet Arsenal parades in support of our Veterans

Army manufacturer seeks to raise its quality, confidence of infantrymen

Watervliet's $26M investment: Will it spur partnerships with private industry?

Difficult manufacturing environment has arsenal anxiously awaiting new fiscal guidance

Watervliet addresses the NY State American Legion

NY State VFW commander makes historic trip to historic arsenal

Who knew that Watervliet has Soldiers-in-Slacks?

Given today's sequester environment, no contract is too small for Army manufacturing

NY communities, arsenal build teams to mitigate disaster

Arsenal's face of strength is also the face of the future

Watervliet finally powers through 1933

Arsenal maintains critical international certification

Retired machinist called on to assist Watervliet to manufacture... stories

SecArmy visits, touts, challenges Watervliet

Watervliet: Where Army manufacturing supports U.S. troop withdrawal

It took 90k hours of experience to become an Arsenal Face of Strength

Watervliet Arsenal resorts to 'horsepower' to motivate, to send a message

Annual Shutdown? Not for an Army-owned manufacturing center

Watervliet wins $6.2M contract, its fourth multimillion-dollar contract since May

Watervliet receives multimillion dollar mortar contract, its second in 30 days

Today's apprentices, tomorrow's machinists of the finest weapon systems in the world

Watervliet's upgrade to shave up to 60 percent off production time

Watervliet: Home to some of Sequestration's most vulnerable

Watervliet's upgrade will reduce risk to artillerymen, logistical footprint

Secretary of the Army certifies the Watervliet Arsenal as having no equal

More than eye candy, Watervliet's painters add value

Watervliet shaving costs, improving quality from the ground up

N.Y. bridge dedicated to fallen hero

Watervliet takes AMC CG to a world beyond simple charts and production numbers

Watervliet stands down its manufacturing operations for suicide prevention training

From immigrant to Watervliet's Face of Strength, a 50-year journey

TACOM CG's 200-year journey in eight hours

Watervliet Arsenal commander fends off tough questioning

A strange case when shutting down manufacturing becomes an investment

Watervliet Arsenal: What just happened?

Arsenal builds cannons, community spirit

Dog days of summer come early to the Arsenal

Watervliet Arsenal: A place where children inspire 198 years of pride

A world where stubby-pencil errors may cost thousands

Watervliet Arsenal's Greatest Generation speaks

Arsenal's tool designers: Whose history shapes the future

FBI agents converge on Watervliet Arsenal for training

He served his Nation, his Army, now his community

Nanotech company's relocation to Watervliet proves to be brilliant move

Students challenge, question Arsenal techniques, procedures

Arsenal hosts largest HAZMAT exercise in NY's Capital District

Arsenal teams with Mandus Group

Arsenal supports Veterans on their day

Arsenal mechanical engineer is AUSA's NE Civilian of the Year

Ordnance Corp selects former Watervliet commander for Hall of Fame

Wounded Warrior's message of being "differently abled"

Historic Arsenal teaches history lesson

Watervliet Arsenal's history, tradition, and pride help restore guns, community spirit

Army awards $12.5 million contract to Watervliet

Watervliet’s revolutionary process lightens the load for Soldiers

Watervliet: We made it just before… we made it better

Arsenal hosts New York’s Adjutant General

At Watervliet, they are never too young for safety

Arsenal's new machine to save 100s of hours, manufacturing costs

Watervliet Arsenal welcomes Navy business...again

Arsenal caps a month-long celebration of our military

Arsenal brings the Army's Birthday to the NY State Senate, celebrates Veterans

Arsenal's changing of the old guard

Wounded Warrior reminds the Arsenal of the kid next door, the war

Arsenal's first responders become part of the community's message

Arsenal's one-of-a-kind test to save environment, dollars

When the Watervliet Arsenal becomes part of the "Land of Opportunity"

Arsenal changes product line to shape mettle versus steel

Watervliet Arsenal graduates will prove America still makes things

Arsenal welders bring new heat to old product line

Twenty-three days: A point in time

Ebb and flow of technology

Fallen Marine continues to guide troops

Of all the splendor of what might have been

Arsenal Director says it's a 'wrap'

From minor leagues to Army engineering to the Hall of Fame

ISO 9001:2008 Certified


Watervliet Arsenal logo and Crusader vehicle

In addition to producing the tools that protect and support our warfighters, Watervliet Arsenal is also a manufacturer of items for the non-defense industry. Recent clients include the New York State Department of Transportation and Atlas Copco Inc.

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